We are an association of professional women qualified and with vast experience in the fields of Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries, Food Science and Technology, Environmental Science and Veterinary Medicine.

Returnees in pader Northern Uganda receiving cassava cutting materials and ground nut, beans and maize seeds

AUPWAE was founded in 1992 and registered as a non profit making organization in 1998 with a mandate to operate in all districts Uganda. AUPWAE boasts of a membership of 300 professional women working in both private and public sectors in all regions of the country. AUPWAE is governed by a constitution, which spells out the organization?s mission and objectives


  • To be the leading, most dependable and responsible forum where strategies and ideas for empowerment of women and their relationship to national development are proactively conceived, exchanged and advocated.

The mission

  • To promote improved welfare of rural women, the girl child and professional women in agriculture and environment by advocating for policies which create opportunities forn them and enhance their skills and knowledge.


  • To provide a dependable forum for advocating for gender sensitive policies in agriculture and environment.
  • To foster professional advancement of members and their greater participating in enhancing the welfare of the rural women and girl child.
  • To enhance ability of rural women to acquire and utilize appropriate knowledge, technology and skills for improved food security, income generation and environment conservation.
  • To inspire and attract the girl child into agriculture and environment professions while ensuring that their welfare is sustainably improved.
  • To promote HIV/AIDS main streaming in all development programme activities.

Strategies in place to achieve the objectives

  • Advocacy for gender sensitive policies and programmes through research , advisory and other appropriate services that impact on agriculture and environment. Women are empowered to advocate at all levels. (national and local level)
  • Disseminate improved and appropriate agriculture and environmental technologies.
  • Dissemination of information on income generation opportunities and services available in agriculture and environment.
  • Training in entrepreneurship skills and business planning, value chain development and implementation, institutional capacity development, resource mobilization and in improved agricultural and environment conservation technologies.
  • Linking women farmers to profitable markets.
  • Mainstreaming issues of gender , HIV/AIDS and peace and conflict resolution in programmes and plans of agriculture and environment.
  • Documentation of best practices
  • Strengthen and build partnerships and linkages with other development agencies and institutions.
  • Conduct mentoring and career guidance in schools to inspire and attract the girl child into science subjects.
  • Establishment of a scholarship fund for girls to pursue agriculture and environment professions at tertiary levels.
  • Explore training opportunities for members for Professional advancement to enhance greater participation in improved welfare of rural woman and girl child.

Governance and Management of AUPWAE

The Association is governed by an Executive Committee that is responsible to the General Assembly of Members. The Executive Committee comprises 11 members and is responsible for policy decision-making, advocacy, resource mobilisation, planning, implementation, monitoring, ensuring that AGM decisions are effected and public relations. Members of the Executive Committee are individuals with diverse skills and experiences that are relevant to the Association’s activities.

The Chairperson is the leader of the Association while Executive Director is responsible for the day-to-day running of the Secretariat. Support services at the Secretariat are offered by a Programme Officer and a Programme Assistant.

At the Local Government level, there are Focal Point personnel who themselves are members of the Association.


Ms. Adeline Muheebwa Chairperson
Dr. Nabirye Harriet Muloki Vice Chairperson
Ms.Pross Ruth Owino Secretary General
Ms.Nancy Mugimba Deputy Secretary General
Ms.Justine Namara Treasurer
Ms. Anna Odur EC Member
Dr. Roselline Nyamutale EC Member
Dr.Evelyn Lutalo EC Member
 Ms.Eve Luvumu EC Member
  Ms.Peninah Bahizi EC Member
Dr.Margaret Namusoke EC Member